UNO-CHART Participates in New Orleans' City Assisted Evacuation (CAE) Exercise

May 30

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On May 17th, UNO-CHART participated in and observed New Orleans’ City Assisted Evacuation (CAE) Exercise. This evacuation exercise involved months of collaboration and planning among city, state, and federal officials, as well as local NGOs, and helped to better prepare the city of New Orleans for future hurricane evacuations. 


During the exercise, UNO-CHART and other volunteer evacuees arrived at Evacuspots and senior centers around the city, registered and received wristbands from Evacuteers, rode buses to the Convention Center for further registration of pets and luggage, and then travelled to MSY to undergo a simulated airport evacuation with TSA, FEMA, and Air Force officials.


UNO-CHART collected surveys and responses from participants to assess what worked and what did not work during the exercise, and asked participants what they think we can do to help build a safer, more effective CAE for all New Orleanians in the future. The project team will share the results once the data analysis is complete.


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