CHART Research Project Earns Exploratory Grant from Gulf Research Program

Nov 30

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UNO-CHART was recently awarded a grant from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine Gulf Research Program. The project, entitled Multidisciplinary knowledge integration to support Louisiana coastal indigenous communities’ response to natural and technological disasters and adaptation to climate change, is a collaboration with Louisiana Sea Grant and the United Houma Nation. Dr. Tara Lambeth, Assistant Director of UNO-CHART, is the Principle Investigator on the project. The project team plans to work with two United Houma Nation communities to document how environmental stressors affect the livelihoods of these communities and shape the mitigation strategies they use to protect their coastal lands.Team members will record traditional ecological knowledge, local adaption plans, current mitigation efforts, and the tribe’s adaptive capacities. The project team intends to produce a resource that can be used by the United Houma Nation and other indigenous communities that face similar challenges. This work may encourage other mitigation and adaption planning efforts, as well as increase communication between communities and policymakers.


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