By Tara Lambeth on 2/12/2014 7:07 AM
Research Associate Maggie Olivier will be co-presenting on "A 21st Century Challenge, 'Risk Literacy:' A Model for Facilitating Awareness and Understanding with Adults" at the 2014 Commission on Adult Basic Education (COABE) Conference in Pittsburgh, PA during March 16-19, 2014Read More>>
By Tara Lambeth on 2/6/2014 7:06 AM
Gear up for the 2014 State of the Coast Conference set for March 18-20, 2014 in downtown New Orleans. UNO-CHART Director Monica Farris will be presenting on "Addressing Concerns of BW-12 Through the Community Rating System (CRS)" and Faculty Associate Pam Jenkins will discuss "Building Resilience Community by Community." Read More>>
By Tara Lambeth on 2/4/2014 7:06 AM
Mark your calendars for the Building Resilience Workshop V happening March 13-14, 2014 in New Orleans.
Read More>>
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